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About Us

James Baum - Owner

One of the most important areas of business is building immediate trust with clients especially if you're doing electrical work at their home.

My mantra has always been service, service, service from start to finish. Reliable quoting and appropriate advice, high standard of work and even the smallest things like cleaning up properly after the work has been completed is how I roll.

I'm here to do great work but also continually build a reputation for great service and after nearly 10 years in operations it's going exceptionally well.

I'm local here and live in Bacchus Marsh with my partner and three kids.

Feel free to call me to discuss any electrical issues you may have Ph: 0420 506 889

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Quick Tip

Quick Tip

Reduce Your Electricity Bill By Organising Your Appliance Usage

At our house we have a time of use tariff.  We pay a different rate for our electricity depending on the time of day.

Peak   7:00am to 11:00pm

Off-peak  11:00pm to 7:00am

Base load power for the vast majority of us is generated by burning coal in the La Trobe Valley.  Now these power stations don’t just knock off when everybody has gone to bed and start afresh the next morning; they keep generating power 24-7.  So the way the power companies see it is they as well get some money for the power that’s been generated in the middle of the night.  The way they encourage the use of this power is by offering customers an off-peak rate – cheap power overnight.

At our house we pay (as of this writing):

Peak  35.06 cents / kWh

Off-Peak 16.83 cents / kWh

So basically the cost of power overnight is half for us (check your bill for the equivalent).

Now, not all people have a two rate tariff, often the default when you sign up to a electricity retailer is a flat rate.  The same price all of the time.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, it just depends on how you use your power.  But if you have off-peak or were to change to a two rate tariff that includes off-peak, you can adjust the time of your power use to reduce your electricity bill.

For example, based on the rates mentioned above using a dryer – an appliance that usually has a timer, meaning that its use can be delayed till the off-peak time.


$ / kWhDailyWeeklyQuarterly
 1 cycle4 cycles52 cycles
 $0.35 $1.61 $6.45 $83.86
 $0.17 $0.77 $3.10 $40.26
 Saving $0.84 $3.35 $43.61

It’s not a huge saving, but the multiplier is other appliances.  The big ones are your dishwasher and washing machine, the fridge is big too, but best you leave that on during the day!  A dishwasher and washing machine use roughly equal amounts of power to the dryer example above.  So if every week you were to do 4 loads of washing or 4 loads of dishes overnight, rather than during the day – if you’re billed quarterly you would save $130.81 on that bill.

Call me today if you want to know more Ph: 0420 506 889